This file contains a brief summary of new features and dependency changes or releases, in reverse chronological order.


  • Receipt entries are now shown in the Receipts admin.
  • Fix receipt entries being mis-rendered (missing quantity) in PDFs.
  • Allow generating PDFs for receipts via the admin.
  • Use PES (ARS) as a default currency for Receipts (only if metadata is present), and ‘1’ as a currency quote.
  • Customized admins are now included for a few more models.


  • The entire ReceiptBatch model has been dropped, along with Validation. Receipts are now validated via Receipt querysets, eg: Receipt.objects.filter(...).validate(). The existing ReceiptValidation objects remain unchanged.
  • Validation of Receipts can now be done in a single action via the Receipt admin.
  • Receipt instances have a new validate() method to validate that single receipt.
  • The receiptnumber tag is now deprecated. Use Receipt.formatted_number instead.


  • Drop support for Django 1.9, support Django 1.11.
  • The default ordering of Receipt instances has now changed, both via querysets and in the admin.
  • The total amount for receipts is not shown in ARS.
  • CI now run tests with all supported Python and Django versions.
  • This version has experimental Django 2.0 support.
  • Include a new ReceiptPDF admin.
  • All exceptions now inherit from DjangoAfipException.


  • Language settings of downstream apps should no longer generate bogus migrations for django-afip.


  • It is now possible to generate keys and CSRs for taxpayers, both programmatically, and via the admin.
  • The AuthTicket.authorize method no longer takes a save argument. Authorized tickets are now always immediately saved.
  • Add a missing migration.


  • Fix an error validating receipts with not VAT or Tax.


  • We now rely on zeep, rather suds, update your dependencies accordingly.


  • Raise CertificateExpired, UntrustedCertificate or AuthenticationError when attempting an authentication fail.
  • The field ReceiptEntry.amount has been renamed to quantity.
  • Add a links to documentation on where to obtain the AFIP WS certificates.
  • Introduce this changelog.